Custom Mowing
Michael Long     717-261-0517
Michael Long     717-261-0517
Field Mowing

If the weeds and tall grass are taking over around your yard, give us a call.   

Our professional mowing services will provide you with the following benefits:
     * Control weeds from seeding and spreading
     * Keep your property within the township weed ordinance regulations         
     * Expand your yard space
     * Eliminate prime habitat for mosquitoes and rodents
     * Reduce risk of grass fires threatening your property
     * Get one more job off your honey-do list

You work hard enough!  Call us to come and mow down your overgrown areas. We will come
with the suitable equipment to get the job done right when the job is too big for your
mower, or you just don't have the time.

We also provide mowing service for commercial developers who haven’t yet built on
standing lots.  We can maintain your lot until you are ready to build.
Our scheduling is very flexible; be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

We offer catch pond mowing as well.
Catch pond